Tell us about your challenges


In our professional practice, many business owners and executives have shared their challenges and concerns with us.
Although every case is unique, many of the challenges they face are similar.

  • How should my company approach a generational handover process?
  • How do I approach a process of strategic and future-oriented reflection with my management team?
  • How do I value my years of work as an entrepreneur?
  • How do I redirect my business in an ever-changing world?
  • How do I prepare my company to be sold?
  • I’ve been approached by a potential buyer. What steps should I take and how do I manage a process with which I am not familiar?
  • I want to strengthen my position in my sector through acquisitions, but I have never done it before. What do I need to do?
  • How do I integrate innovation in areas that go above and beyond my company’s capabilities (digitalization, industry 4.0)?
  • What does it mean for me as a company to tackle a company-wide digitization, corporate culture or capacity-building process or a change in business model?
  • What financing options are available to me to develop a new business or product and what does it mean for the company and its ownership?
  • How do I address the financial and business challenge derived from unforeseen situations such as COVID19 in an orderly manner?
  • How do I undertake an open innovation process at my company in line with my business reality?


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