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Hub advisory was founded with a rebellious spirit and a clear objective: to establish an strategic and financial consultancy boutique with a high level of service originally reserved only for big companies.

Our ambition is to expand it to entrepreneurs/businessmen and their small and medium-sized companies whilst maintaining its quality points, commitment and level of service..
Hub Advisory Partners was founded as a result of the curious and enterprising spirit of some professionals with longstanding careers and experience in business and corporate strategy, start-ups and management of business projects in different areas. Based in Bilbao, we operate at a national and international level. The company possesses a vast network of contacts including investors and partners of all kinds and with an international vocation. We are and want to remain being a small team. This is the requirement for always providing top commitment and dedication to our clients, theirs projects and challenges.

We work hand in hand with our customers towards achieving specific results.

Management of corporate procedures requires technical knowledge and capacity, but above all experience. That is why our senior staff is always in the front line of all actions taken, from operational analysis to searching of partners and the closing of the operation. Hub Advisory is experienced in identifying and managing all sorts of corporate processes:

  • Company and business line valuation
  • M&A
  • Company merger and buildup processes
  • Capital reorganization/shareholding restructuring; entry and exit of members/shareholders
  • Tailored management of individual customers and company portfolio
  • Joint Ventures and strategic alliances/partnerships

Always results oriented…with commitment and dedication

We participate on success, adjusting our return on each Project, depending on the compliance of milestones in each case (closing of the transaction, capital incorporation, window output. Etc…)

Results oriented

Our commitments is not only focused on designing strategies or closing corporate procedures (mergers, build ups,…) but on its effective establishment/introduction. That is why we sometimes get ourselves personally involved with the entrepreneurs and their teams in order the achieve the key challenges both in a corporate gobernance as in a managing level.

    Corporate Gobernance

  • Corpotare Gobernance setting up and management
  • Professional advice/counceling
  • Management customization

    Management Support

  • Investees management
  • Management responsalibily and attainment of targets (interim management)
  • Management controlling and reporting start-up system.

The duration of our accompanying intervention depends on the scope, ambition and conditioning factors of the challenges established..

There may be continuous interventions (Professional advice) or attainment of specific milestones (from six months to a year approx).

We combine innovation and pragmatism/leadership in designing strategies and business solutions

We have been part of the designing and implementation of all sort of companies in the past, from corporate groups listed on the stock exchange to start-up companies.

We have experience in different/several areas: industry, Software, IT (se traduce igual??), biotechnology and energy are some of our benchmark baseline areas.

  • Strategical analysis and business models review
  • Strategic plans development
  • Strategy on growth
  • Internalization
  • Valuation of companies
  • Business due diligence
  • Produce documentation (sales booklets… management presentation…)
  • Investment readiness
  • Technology valuation
  • Financial restruturation
  • Analysis of Investment risk
  • Análisis de oportunidades de inversión

We approach every project according to the specific needs of each company with a ”custome-made” focusing. Although we count on a proved methodology, we are always focused on adapting ourselves to the different situations we may come to.

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